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Obesity in women

Many women suffer from obesity, which negatively affects the external appearance of women.

Which made many women look for the most important causes of obesity

and get rid of excess weight

Causes of obesity in women:

One of the most important reasons that lead to weight gain in women is aging , depression and improper food .

  • Aging : Aging is one of the causes of obesity in women, as the metabolism becomes slow with age, especially with reaching the menstrual stage .

  • Stress and tension (depression): Depression has a strong relationship in weight gain, as the body secretes the hormone cortisone significantly when a person is exposed to stress or tension, and this hormone controls the preservation and storage of fat in the human body .

  • Improper food: Eating unhealthy food is one of the causes of obesity, as it helps in the accumulation of fat in the area of the buttocks, hips and stomach, due to high calories .

  • Fluid retention in the body: Refraining from drinking enough water leads to the retention of toxins in the body and thus helps in weight gain and fat accumulation in the body .

  • Thyroid dysfunction: The thyroid gland is responsible for metabolic processes as well as lack of energy

    and increased accumulation of fat in the body .

  • Lack of sleep: Research indicates that not sleeping enough hours increases the risk of obesity, as it causes hormone changes that increase appetite and stimulate the production of two generations, the latter of which is an appetite-stimulating


  • altitude level Insulin: associated with high insulin level, insulin resistance, with the development of obesity. It lowers the level of insulin by reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates, On the other hand, eat a lot of foods rich in fiber.

  • Pregnancy: It is normal for pregnant women to gain extra weight and many may have difficulty losing this weight after childbirth, which contributes to obesity in many women

Get rid of obesity :

Obesity doctors and experts in Turkey recommend getting rid of excess weight, especially for people who suffer from an increase in the volume mass index.

By performing gastric sleeve surgery .

Which is one of the most important obesity treatment operations in Turkey .

Sleeve gastrectomy:

It is an operation in which the stomach is cut by 75% and removed from the abdomen

The operation is done through studies through 4 legs in the abdomen, the size of the hole does not exceed the pain of the fingertip.

The operation is under the influence of general anesthesia

The duration of the operation ranges from 40 to 45 minutes .

A person who suffers from obesity gets rid of excess weight within a period of up to 6 months.

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