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Harmful effects of hydrogenated oils

What are hydrogenated oils?

Hydrogenation of oils is a process by which liquid fats found in plants and various foods are converted into solid fats by adding hydrogen. During the hydrogenation process, oils turn into what are called unsaturated fats. In fact, global health agencies warn against excessive consumption of this type of fat.

Why do companies resort to making hydrogenated oils?

Companies often tend to manufacture and hydrogenate oils for several reasons, which ultimately serve to increase financial profits:
Extending the shelf life of products, Hydrogenation acts as a type of food preservative.

Adding a denser texture to foods.

Providing financial profit by increasing sales and reducing wasted quantities.

What are the harms of hydrogenated oils?

Trans hydrogenated oils can seriously affect human health in the long term, especially when consumed in excess:

  • Obesity.
  • High harmful cholesterol.
  • Atherosclerosis and heart disease.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Degenerative diseases.

Tips and ways to avoid hydrogenated oils:

In order to avoid hydrogenated oils from your diet, here are these steps and notes:

1. Knowing the foods that contain hydrogenated oils
Most hydrogenated oils are found in foods that contain saturated fats, and among them the most consumed we find:

Ghee and margarine.
Sorted vegetables.
Canned foods.
Baked goods and starches.
Ready-to-use pastries.
Fried foods.
Formula milk or coffee creamer.
2. Read food labels
Since hydrogenated oils contain harmful fats, This means that you should avoid products that contain it. However, the words “free from saturated fats” or “free from hydrogenated oils” on the packages do not necessarily mean that they do not contain them completely.

Manufacturers can consider their product free of hydrogenated oils if it contains 0-0.5 grams of fat per serving of food. Therefore, it is important to read the instructions printed on the packages carefully and not be satisfied with the large commercial titles that appear on them.

3. Use healthy vegetable oils for cooking
You may have found that margarine and ghee are easy to store in the refrigerator and use. However, they are actually hydrogenated, So they turn into body fat. Therefore, use healthy vegetable oils. Such as olive oil and avocado, for example, Be careful not to fry them because they cannot tolerate high temperatures.

4. Reduce canned foods
As we mentioned previously, The process of hydrogenation of foods is involved in their manufacturing and canning. As it ensures its preservation for a longer period, Therefore, we advise you to: Pre-cooked foods served in stores should not be separated. Cook your food and store it in your refrigerator instead of buying ready-made foods.

5. Carry your own healthy snacks
In fact, hydrogenated oils are used in the preparation and manufacture of many quick snacks. This makes it necessary to always provide light and healthy meals. These nutritious foods can curb your hunger and regulate your feelings without paying the high price of consuming hydrogenated oils:

Low-salt nuts.
the banana.
Milk or natural yogurt.

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