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The relationship between obesity and varicose veins

The relationship between obesity and varicose veins

Varicose veins and their effect on weight gain :

There is no doubt that there is a relationship between varicose veins and weight gain Obesity is well known as a risk factor for veno-occlusive disease and stroke . Studies show that there are increased cases of varicose veins when one is overweight. Especially for women . There are studies that confirm that the body mass index> 30 kg / doubles The risk of developing varicose veins increases by 6 times in obese patients .

How can varicose veins be treated in case of excessive obesity :

  • Limit daily activity, especially walking . A specific gait must be followed , which is to use the hips more than the legs .

  • Reducing pressure on the muscles, especially the leg muscles .

  • Slow breathing More than usual, breathing from the chest .

The relationship between obesity and varicose veins

How to deal with obesity in the event of varicose veins :

  • Diet

  • Exercising under the supervision of a specialist doctor .

  • Eat fewer calories .

  • Eating foods . Which contains large amounts of vitamin C And vitamin E Selenium, flavonoids and fatty acids . Essential foods, especially omega .

  • Reducing long-term downtime, which has a role in the development of varicose veins .

How do we deal with varicose veins in an obese patient :

  • Wear medical compression stockings .

  • There are no special contraindications for pressure .

  • Ankle arterial pressure indicators should be checked .

  • Varicose veins must be treated when overweight or obese must be eliminated in order to reduce pressure on the legs .

The conclusion from this article is that overweight and obesity . Two serious factors associated with varicose veins.

Especially for the elderly and those who work for long hours.

Ghee treatment is one of the most important factors in getting rid of varicose veins . It is one of the most important steps in foot treatment .

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