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The latest hair transplant techniques in Turkey

Turkey is the first country in the world in the field of hair transplantation.

Where the latest hair transplant methods are used in hair transplant clinics in order to achieve better and more guaranteed results.

Where the development of hair transplantation techniques in Turkey has made hair transplantation operations very easy and simple, as well as ensuring guaranteed results for hair growth and getting rid of the problem of baldness or hair loss.

Where the old techniques such as the hair transplant technique in the slide have become forgotten or almost non-existent in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey, where the hair transplant technique with the chip was darkened to cut a slice from the scalp, where it is divided and its parts are used to cover the bald areas and then the scalp is sewn to avoid leaving any voids, but the use of the latest hair transplant techniques has made a qualitative leap in this field in terms of providing the safety factor and reducing the occurrence of damage Side and problems caused by the use of chip technology .

What are the latest hair transplant techniques?

FUE hair transplantation technique :


The technique of hair transplantation by abduction is one of the most important and most used techniques at the present time, despite the emergence of modern techniques after it.

However, the extraction technique still retains its position and is used in beauty centers, and it is of course the lowest in terms of price .

Features of using FUE technique :

  • Harvesting follicles consecutively : which makes us face a very small number of scars and wounds. Which goes fast with time .

  • Preserving the shape and density of hair : The FUE technique preserves the shape and density of hair in the area from which the hair is extracted, which is known as the donor layer .

  • Sorting technique FUE results are highly accurate, After the completion of the hair transplant process, the person will not be able to differentiate between the hair of the donor area and the hair of the transplanted area, They will both become one.

  • Do not require special care in any way, This means that the subject can continue their life after less than 24 hours.

Micro extraction technique, known as nanotechnology :

The rapid extraction process is used on a larger scale than other techniques, as this technique is specifically designed to eliminate the main problems resulting from the regular FUE technique.

Where the technique of precision extraction uses the same device as the normal extraction, but some nanoheads are added in order to increase the probability of success of the process to large percentages.

Features of using the technique of micro extraction :

  • The ability to extract the follicles of the donor area very accurately.

  • Not to cause any damage to the scalp.

  • Increase the likelihood of success of the operation over the use of other techniques .

  • Not to lose any number of follicles .

Perkutan hair transplantation technique :

Despite the multiplicity of distinctive hair transplant techniques

The results are that the Berkutan technique has been able to firmly reserve its place . It depends on the perkutan tool, as this technique depends on local anesthesia for a short time . But at the very least, there will be no effects of the surgery and the technique will not be expensive . That’s why the centers are rushing to provide them .

Perkutan technology features

  • Increase the number of transplanted follicles per centimeter .

  • The transplantation process using this technique is not followed by any blood clotting or bleeding .

  • Gives a person a natural look to hair in a greater proportion than other techniques

  • The ability to know the degree and direction of hair growth . Where this is very important as it is

    not possible to transplant hair without the ability to know the direction of hair growth .

Safir hair transplant technique :

Which is done through the pointed sapphire stone, which depends mainly on the tip of a very accurate pen .

Features of Ambassador technology :

  • Lack of chance of allergies and irritation after the operation .

  • The presence of a form of extreme accuracy in the field of hair transplantation .

  • Ability to increase. The number of follicles is large.

  • Recovery in a short period after hair transplantation.

The cost of hair transplantation operations using the latest hair transplant

The cost of performing hair transplantation at Real Beauty Clinic centers ranges from 1200 to 2500 US dollars.

Where we provide other packages that include many services that the patient needs during his stay in Turkey Istanbul .

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