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Stages of eyebrow transplantation

Stages of eyebrow transplantation

Stages of eyebrow transplantation

Stages of eyebrow transplantation

Natural eyebrows:

The process of natural eyebrow transplantation takes place through four specific and simple stages: It consists of the following steps:

The first stage: clinical examination

The doctor examines the eyebrow area, Determine the number of follicles needed for transplantation, In the normal range, the number of follicles ranges from 50 to 350 follicles. Depending on the person’s condition, Then he examines the donor area, Determine the type of follicles that will be extracted.

The second stage: conducting the necessary analyzes

The necessary blood tests are performed to determine blood sugar levels, In addition to conducting skin examinations to see if there is anything hindering the natural eyebrow transplantation process.

The third stage: extracting the follicles

Part of the donor area is shaved, To facilitate the picking process, Then the follicles are extracted from the area using a “Micro Motor” device. The follicles are selected in which the follicle contains one hair.

The fourth stage: eyebrow transplantation

The doctor plants the follicles using Choi pens. Where the channels are opened and the follicles are transplanted with one click and at the same time, The follicles are also planted in a uniform direction, depth, and specific angle that suits the shape of the natural eyebrows. In addition, it provides high density.

Stages of eyebrow transplantation

Tips after natural eyebrow transplantation:

To get the desired results, You must follow some instructions dictated by the doctor, like:

  1. Do not wash your eyebrows at all for 72 hours.
  2. Abstain from smoking for at least two months, This is to maintain the percentage of oxygen in the blood because smoking affects the percentage of oxygen required for the growth of the transplanted follicles.
  3. Avoid harmful sunlight, heat and high humidity for a month, Make sure to wear a medical hat when going out.
  4. Do not bend your head forward, Keeping the head high and in a parallel line, This is for at least three days.
  5. Commitment to taking the necessary treatments, medications, and painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
  6. Stay away from high temperatures for a month. like; Turkish bath or sauna.
  7. You should sleep vertically, Using two pillows to raise the head, for five days, This is to avoid swelling.
  8. Keep away from rain or dust, So as not to cause harm to the transplanted follicles.
  9. Avoid swimming in sea water for three months. And in the pool for two months.
  10. Pay attention when taking off and putting on clothes, Avoid touching the planted follicles.

It is recommended to use certain treatments after performing a natural eyebrow transplant. It will strengthen the transplanted follicles and help increase the growth of the new transplanted follicles relatively quickly, such as :

  • PRP plasma injection.
  • Relying on the necessary vitamins.
  • Use the appropriate medical serum .

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