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Recovery period after gastric sleeve surgery

Obesity is one of the most common Diseases that are widespread around the world and are the most complex.

Usually The causes of obesity are linked to excessive amounts of fat in the body.

One of the most frequently asked questions in this regard is :

Recovery period after gastric sleeve surgery

When does the stomach heal after gastric sleeve surgery?

It is known that after gastric sleeve surgery

This is the period of stay in the hospital

The patient stays in the hospital for two nights after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

He can return to his daily activities without lifting heavy weights three days after the operation.

The individual returns to his normal life and activities completely 3 to 5 weeks after the gastric sleeve procedure.

It is very normal for the patient who is speaking to feel some pain in the abdominal area and may experience some bloating in some cases.

Therefore, the specialist doctor gives some medications that help overcome these symptoms.

The specialist nutritionist also develops a diet for the patient who is speaking

The diet period is usually for one month after the procedure Gastric sleeve surgery.

Where the diet period is divided In two phases

The first stage is for 15 days, the duration of the operation, and the food during this period is liquids.

The second stage is the second 15 days, and this stage is based on mashed foods.

Recovery after gastric sleeve surgery:

Recovery after gastric sleeve surgery is related to two stages :

First Stage:

  • Recovery after gastric sleeve surgery in the short term :

There are a number of important elements that are associated with recovery from surgery in the short term, and in order to ensure a good recovery, The most prominent of these elements and tips are the following:

  • Seek help and assistance from a relative or friend in order to receive adequate care to ensure improvement in a short period.
  • Follow a specific diet by the affected individual, Especially in the first six weeks of surgery.
  • Not eating solid foods early, Because this is likely to cause harm and damage to the stomach, In addition to the other side effects it will cause, Such as: nausea , vomiting , and suffering from stomach cramps.
  • Take a leave of no less than two weeks from work, especially if the nature of the work requires physical effort.

Second Stage:

  • Recovery from gastric sleeve surgery at the long term :

Gastric sleeve surgery does not only affect the nature of the foods that an individual eats, Rather, this surgery is likely to affect the way an individual eats throughout his life .

  • Maintaining the body’s activity and energy by doing some exercises .
  • Take nutritional supplements and some vitamins recommended by a specialist doctor.
  • Meet a nutritionist in order to maintain the nutritional plan that the individual must follow after the gastric sleeve procedure.
Recovery period after gastric sleeve surgery

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