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Obesity is defined as the medical condition in which excess fat accumulates in the body In high degrees, it causes negative effects on health, leading to a decrease in the average age of the individual, and obesity poses a threat to the health of the body, so that obesity becomes a quick way for a person to suffer from serious diseases such as heart, pressure, diabetes, or the occurrence of strokes and sleep apnea.

The high percentage of accumulated fat in the body also leads to an increase in weight, which leads significantly to pressure on the joints and system, which leads to injuries or broken bones, especially in the knee and spine area.

Obesity usually results from a combination of excess calories with a lack of physical activity and genetic influences, although few cases are caused by genes (genetic obesity).

As people get obesity in the event of endocrine gland, medications and mental illness, It is also worth noting that people who suffer from obesity eat more than their bodies need, which leads to fatty accumulations resulting from the sufficiency of people who suffer from obesity. From the level of energy and the transformation of excess amounts in the body into accumulated fat in the body in different areas .

Causes of obesity

  • Physical inactivity: Inactive people burn fewer calories than active people .

  • Overeating: Overeating leads to weight gain, especially if the diet is high in fat Foods that contain a high percentage of fat or sugar, such as fast food, fried foods and sweets, contain a high energy density , i.e. a lot of calories in a small amount of food. .

  • Heredity
    Where a person is more likely to develop obesity if one or both parents suffer from obesity, as genetics also affect the hormones involved in the regulation of fats.

  • Leptin hormone deficiency: Leptin deficiency is one of the causes of obesity

    It is a hormone that is produced in fat cells and placenta, where leptin controls weight by sending signals to the brain to eat less when body fat stores are too high.

    In the event of a decrease in the hormone leptin

    , the transmission of these hormones decreases, which leads to an increase in the intake of food amounts, which leads to obesity .

  • Follow a diet rich in simple carbohydrates: The role of carbohydrates in weight gain is unclear, Carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels, which in turn stimulates the pancreas’ secretion of insulin, which promotes the growth of adipose tissue and can cause weight gain .

  • Frequency of eating
    Scientists have observed that people who eat small meals four or five times a day have lower cholesterol levels and lower and more stable blood sugar levels than people who eat less frequently, i.e. between or three meals in large quantities.

    He explained explanations and studies that frequent small meals produce stable levels of insulin while large meals cause a significant rise in insulin after meals .

  • Factors Psychological: For some people, emotions affect eating habits as many people eat excessively in response to feelings such as :

    Boredom, sadness, stress or anger While most overweight people do not suffer from mental disorders more than people of normal weight.

    About 30% of people seeking treatment for serious weight problems have difficulties eating among them .

  • Diseases: Such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOS and Coaching syndrome, which also contribute to obesity.

Complications resulting from obesity:

  • Heart disease and strokes: Obesity makes you more likely to develop high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels are risk factors for heart disease or stroke.

  • Type II diabetes: Obesity can affect the way your body uses insulin to control blood sugar levels. This increases the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

  • Digestive problems: Obesity increases the likelihood of heartburn, gallbladder disease and liver problems .

  • Problems of gynecology and sex: obesity may cause infertility and irregular menstruation in women, Obesity can also cause erectile dysfunction in men.

  • Sleep apnea: People with obesity are more likely to develop sleep apnea, a potentially serious disorder in which breathing stops and begins frequently during sleep.

  • Severe symptoms of Covid-19:Obesity increases the risk of severe symptoms if people who suffer from obesity are infected with coronavirus disease, Where people with severe cases of Corona may need treatment in intensive care units or even medical assistance to breathe .

Diagnosis of obesity:

Focuses Doctors therapy Obesity in turkey in diagnosis Obesity on The following

  1. The patient’s health history .

  2. General physical examination

  3. Measure your waist circumference

  4. Blood tests .

Obesity treatment :

After several tests and analyzes Conducted by obesity doctors in Turkey show that people who suffer from obesity and cannot commit Procedure Certain diet and those who suffer from diseases that contribute to obesity such as hypothyroidism. Or pituitary gland or treatment of asthma allergy that contains cortisone.

It is necessary to take a medical procedure to treat obesity permanently to get rid of obesity permanently for life.

This is done through :

  1. Gastric cut

  2. Sleeve gastrectomy

  3. Mini gastric bypass .

Prevention of obesity

The most prominent methods of prevention include the following:

  • Eat five small meals a day.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Reduce sugar consumption.
  • Reduce the use of artificial sweeteners.
  • Avoid saturated fats.
  • Cook at home.
  • Try a vegetarian diet .


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