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Nutrition system after obesity treatment operations

Nutrition system after obesity treatment operations

Nutrition system after obesity treatment operations

We congratulate you on making one of the most important decisions of your life

It is performing an obesity surgery to change your life for the better

C: Laparoscopic bariatric surgery is a safe and effective way to treat severe obesity and avoid or treat many chronic diseases associated with obesity , such as diabetes.

Why is weight loss after obesity treatment operations guaranteed and rapid?

Weight loss is guaranteed after the procedure Obesity surgeries because Obesity surgeries It leads to a significant reduction in the amount of food without feeling hungry, as obesity surgeries are considered the first step to a new life. Therefore, we must change our old eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle until we reach the ideal weight and maintain it after the operation.

The importance of exercise after bariatric surgery:

Exercise is very important after obesity surgery because it has a major role in increasing the rate of burning calories, improving body shape, tightening sagging skin, improving heart capabilities, and reducing nervous pressure.

note :

It should be noted that running or carrying heavy objects is not permitted for three months after the operation.

Daily habits that should not be done after obesity surgery:

  1. Praying in a sitting position for 14 days after the operation.
  2. It is prohibited to drive a car for long distances for a month after the operation.
  3. Marital relations are allowed two weeks after the operation.
  4. Pregnancy and childbirth are not recommended at all one year before undergoing obesity treatment operations .

Follow-up after obesity surgeries:

  • Follow-up after obesity surgery is one of the most important steps that many people neglect or underestimate its importance.
  • After the operation, you must follow up with the nutritionist via WhatsApp or email in order to determine the correct progress of the nutritional plan.

The importance of monitoring nutrition after the operation:

  • Follow a diet that suits every weight.
  • Follow up on the changes in vitamins and protein supplements according to the body condition and analysis rates after the operation.
  • Continue losing weight in a healthy and ideal way over the months, which preserves body functions.
  • Stabilize the weight when the ideal weight is reached.
  • Measuring the percentage of muscle and fat and their response to weight loss.
  • Measuring the body’s burning rate.
  • Make a plan to lose fat and build muscle.

Stages of the nutritional system after obesity treatment operations

Nutrition system after obesity treatment operations

Fluid phase:

  • It lasts for three weeks.
  • You should drink 10 ml of fluid every 10 minutes (equivalent to half a cup every half hour).
  • It is prohibited to drink caffeine (coffee), soda, and acidic liquids such as (orange juice, tomato juice, or tea) for a month after the operation.
  • Allowed liquids:
  1. water
  2. Natural sugar-free juices
  3. Warm drinks: These drinks must be clear and can be looked at.
  4. Stop drinking for half an hour when you feel stomach fatigue.
  5. It is prohibited to use straws for drinking in order to avoid air entering the stomach.
  6. We should drink 6 to 8 cups of water daily so that we do not become dehydrated.
  7. It is recommended to walk 3 times a day, each time for 10 minutes, and this can be increased when possible.
  8. When you feel dizzy or faint, you can drink regular juice sweetened with sugar.

Four days after the operation, the patient adds the following to his diet:

  • Beef or chicken soup: The patient drinks soup without eating any meat or chicken.
  • Milk or fat-free yogurt, and whipping it gives the fresh fruit filtered from seeds, peels and impurities.
  • Root, broccoli, or vegetable soup with a little salt added and blended well using an electric blender.
  • Fat-free juices such as (apple – watermelon – pineapple – pomegranate – guava).
  • Strained coconut milk
  • Strained almond milk
  • Filtered soy milk
  • You can take two spoons of honey to sweeten your meal. If we need more than this amount, we can use saccharin in juices.
  • Warm drinks (not hot).
  • Water with fruits:

Fruit water is a wonderful combination and a delicious drink that contains important benefits. It nourishes the body and helps improve the metabolism. Thus improving the movement of food within the intestine. It also makes it easier to burn a larger amount of fat. It is also low in calories.

One week after the operation, the patient can take the following:

  • Skim yogurt or skim yoghurt.
  • Light (liquid) fat cheese with some milk added for easy mashing and digestion.
  • Peeled boiled fruits, except bananas, which must be mashed well and eaten without prior preparation.
  • Mashed boiled potatoes with a little milk or olive oil added.
  • Pudding or custard with skim milk and diet sugar.
  • Zucchini and carrots, boiled and mashed well.
  • Mashed roasted potatoes.

note :

It is prohibited to drink water before, during and one hour after eating.

It is forbidden to eat bread.

It is forbidden to drink caffeine, soda, high-calorie liquids, and acidic liquids.

This article included the nutritional phase for the first days after bariatric surgery.

The duration of the diet is 15 days

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For more details, please contact the consultant directly via WhatsApp, click on the link below:


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