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Lip filler

Lip filler

Full lips are considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness.

It has become the current fashion and has achieved great prosperity in our time, as most women are rushing to get full and attractive lips.
In addition, the mouth is one of the areas on which most attention is focused, especially when speaking.

What is lip filler injection?

Lip filler is a process through which the spaces between the cells of the lips are filled with some materials that differ from each other in terms of properties and use.

These materials have in common that they give the lips a youthful and fresh appearance.
It increases its fullness and beauty.

Types of lip fillers

  • Hyaluronic acid:

It is a natural acid found in skin cells that helps maintain its elasticity and elasticity and helps the cells retain large amounts of water. This increases the freshness of the lips and makes them reflect the appearance of health and youth. One of the most famous brands used for lip injections, which consists mainly of hyaluronic acid

Lip filler
  • Collagen:

Collagen is also a natural substance, And the results are very good, It gives a beautiful, natural appearance to the lips immediately after injection. But one of its most important disadvantages is that it does not last the same period as hyaluronic acid and requires repeated injections at shorter intervals.

  • Autologous fat injection:

Autologous fat injection into lip fillers is rarely performed unless it is accompanied by other cosmetic surgeries. The amount of fat that is injected into the lips is very small. Having undergone previous liposuction increases the difficulty and cost of the procedure. The only return is increased security. But the process is easier if the patient, male or female, will undergo liposuction in addition to lip filler injection. In any case, endogenous fat is one of the substances whose results are least lasting. You often need to repeat the injections at intervals of approximately four months.

Filler shapes :

  1. Full Size This shape fills the entire lips.
  2. Round shape, in which the lips are full in the middle.
  3. Heart shape and medium size.
  4. The arch gives a long shape to the lips.
  5. Fuller top shape, in which the upper lip is slightly larger than the lower.

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