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Ideal body measurements for a woman

Ideal weight: Most people of all ages and genders want to know what their ideal weight is, but women may be more curious to know it. In reality, there is no ideal healthy weight for each individual that can be determined because this depends on a number of different factors, which in turn will make the number have a variable value. These factors include age, muscle fat percentage, height, gender, body fat distribution, or body shape, as the article will mention. As for being overweight, it has a negative impact on the body and increases the risk of developing a number of health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems. The article will explain and focus on the ideal body measurements for a woman in detail.

Ideal body measurements for a woman: ideal weight depends on many factors, It is present in the state in which the person is in the best and most appropriate health conditions depending on the amount of weight, As for the ideal measurements for a woman’s body, there are a variety of calculations through which one can identify the ideal measurements for a woman’s body, which are explained in the following points:


The body mass index is the most widely used system to calculate the ideal weight rate, as it is easy to use and has a clear value. The body mass index can be determined by applying height and weight by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of the height in meters. BMI calculations are the same for men and women, but they are not completely accurate, as muscle can weigh more than fat, which will give false results. The results of measuring the body mass index are as follows: Underweight is estimated at less than 18.5. Normal weight is estimated to be between 18.5-24.9. Estimated weight gain ranges between 25-29.9. As for obesity, it is estimated at 30 or greater. Waist circumference and hip-to-waist ratio Fat is distributed differently within the body, but its presence in specific places may pose a risk to human health. Such as fat accumulated around the midsection of the body, the abdominal area, or the hands, As for the midsection, its fat is linked to an increased risk of heart attack, early death, and stroke. Calculating a person’s waist-to-hip ratio is one of the best indicators for clarifying the distribution of body fat. Women must maintain their waist circumference at 80 cm, which is one of the ideal measurements for a clear woman’s body. Increasing this number leads to health problems, as shown below: If the waist circumference is more than 80 cm, this indicates an increased risk of infection.

If the waist circumference is more than 88 cm, the risk increases.

As for the waist-to-hip ratio, if it is equal to or greater than 0.85, there is a significant increase in the risk of developing various diseases.

Body fat percentage, unlike body mass index, can distinguish between the amount of fat-free tissue and the amount of total body fat.

Women’s body shapes:

Bodies come in different shapes, and this comes in line with the difference in the ideal measurements of a woman’s body. But what must be eliminated is the idea of ​​the existence of a perfect, complete body that transcends all the shapes, some of which are described in the following points:

Rectangular body: It is represented by the equal waist circumference measurements with the hip and shoulder measurements.

Triangle or pear body: shoulders that are smaller than the hips.

Spoon body: represented by hips that are larger than the rest of the body, with the weight concentrated in the upper arms and thighs.

Hourglass body: equal size hips and chest and a smaller waist.

Inverted triangle or apple body: represented by shoulders and chest larger than relatively thin hips.

Services provided by the Real Beauty Clinic family to its customers outside Turkey in the field of obesity treatment and plastic surgery:

1- Transportation service back and forth from the airport and to the airport: After confirming the patient’s reservation, a car is sent to the airport and the patient is taken to the hotel, and then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital to conduct comprehensive analyzes before the operation. And then from the hospital to the hotel.

Then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for the operation after the operation, the patient is delivered from the hospital to the hotel. Then we drop the patient off from the hotel to the airport.

2- Comprehensive analyzes before and after the operation: Before the operation, comprehensive examinations of the body are conducted to ensure the patient’s health and full qualification for the operation.

After the operation, comprehensive examinations are conducted for the patient before his discharge from the hospital to ensure his full health.

3- Hotel service: The Real Beauty Clinic family offers two nights in the hotel to its customers outside Turkey, and the cost of these two nights is included in the cost of the process paid.

4- Facilities inside the hospital: An interpreter fluent in Arabic and Turkish is sent to the hospital to stay with customers and secure all their needs and requirements inside the hospital.

For more details, please contact the consultant directly via WhatsApp, click on the link below:


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