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How is liposuction done in Türkiye?

كيف يتم شفط الدهون في تركيا

What is liposuction in Türkiye?

Liposuction is a process during which the place that suffers from fat accumulation is identified so that the doctor and his assistant team attempt to break up the blocks of that accumulated fat and withdraw them from this area to remove them from the body. Therefore, the official definition of the operation is the process of getting rid of excess fat and not a process to lose weight in a general sense. The liposuction process is performed in one of two ways: either through a surgical procedure, which results in a small wound where the fat is suctioned and extracted, or Or liposuction using laser technology, which is considered the safest and has the least side effects.

The liposuction process is usually followed by the appearance of some sagging skin in the same area from which the liposuction was performed. This requires another treatment stage in order to treat these sagging skin. In general, performing this procedure on young people is better than performing it on the elderly who do not have elasticity in their skin .

The most famous areas where liposuction is performed in Turkey are:

The abdominal area is the area where women and men are most bothered by the accumulation of fat, and they find it very difficult to get rid of this fat with common exercises. Therefore, it is at the top of the areas where people request liposuction. followed by the buttocks, Then the thighs, which also accumulate fat quickly due to lack of movement and long periods of sitting, Then comes the back area, especially for women who are bothered by the accumulation of fat in that area, and finally the arm area.

Whatever the area from which fat is to be removed, the patient must carefully explain to the doctor what he needs before performing the procedure, as not all ages are eligible for liposuction. Also, not any body size is suitable for liposuction. There are even some beauty centers that refuse to perform liposuction for patients who want to lose 15 kilograms or more at one time because of the danger it poses to them. It is also not permissible to perform liposuction on diabetic patients or those who have vascular lesions ( such as those with coronary arteries ) .

How is liposuction performed surgically in Türkiye?

How is liposuction done in Türkiye?

The liposuction process is considered a surgical operation that takes from one to three hours, depending on the area from which fat is to be removed and the amount of fat. Here are the stages of liposuction surgery:

  1. The doctor draws approximate lines for the area to be slimmed so that he can determine the places and areas from which he wants to remove fat. He may photograph that area to compare it with the pictures before and after the liposuction procedure .
  2. Local anesthesia of the area to be liposuctioned in preparation for making an incision in the skin .
  3. Mix a small amount of saline solution with a small dose of local anesthetic (lidocaine and adrenaline) and place this mixture on the area from which liposuction is required. Which works to avoid suctioning as much blood and fluids as possible during the suction process .
  4. Through this opening, fine tubes called “cannulas” are inserted, which are installed under the skin in the specified area .
  5. The doctor moves the inserted tubes gradually, as this movement works on… Breaking down accumulated fat .
  6. Liposuction is performed using a syringe or suction device called “ surgical vacuum ,” which is able to remove the fragmented fat outside the body.

What is laser liposuction?

It is a non-surgical procedure that relies on the use of laser technology to break up the accumulated fat in the specific area and remove that excess fat outside the body In small quantities for the purpose of getting rid of fat only, It is considered an effective way to get rid of fat and is not a usual method for treating obesity. Especially since it is only performed on bodies that suffer from a slight increase in fat and not those that suffer from excessive obesity, As the norm in this type of operation is that the percentage of suctioned fat does not exceed 5% of the total body weight. Therefore, this type of operation is performed for those who want to improve their body shape and not for those who want to solve the problems of chronic weight gain and obesity .

To see other results about the process of tightening sagging body and getting rid of fat:

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