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Getting rid of excess weight

The harmful effects of obesity: Although obesity and weight gain do not necessarily mean disease, However, it constitutes a risk factor for the health of the human body. It increases a person’s chance of being exposed to a number of disorders and health problems.

Among them are the following:

  • Type 2 diabetes:

Obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, It is defined as an increase in blood sugar concentration beyond its normal concentration. This may lead to many complications; such as nerve damage, and vision problems, and strokes, and heart disease, And kidney disease.
Since obesity increases the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, It is recommended to lose 5-7% of body weight in cases of obesity and overweight. And continue exercising to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • Heart disease:

Stroke, obesity increases the risk of heart disease, Obesity leads to high blood pressure and harmful cholesterol levels in the body. Which leads to an increased chance of heart disease and heart attacks, But what is reassuring is that losing weight contributes to reducing the chances of contracting these diseases. This positive effect may appear even if the weight loss is slight. Here the importance of losing excess weight and getting rid of obesity is highlighted.

  • Kidney disease:

Obesity is linked to kidney disease directly and indirectly. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, Which are the main cause of chronic kidney failure, It is noteworthy that obesity increases the chances of developing kidney failure and exacerbating kidney problems. Even if you do not have diabetes or high blood pressure.

  • Gallbladder diseases:

It is common for a person to suffer from gallbladder diseases and gallstones if he suffers from obesity. Therefore, it is recommended to lose weight at a rate of approximately 0.45 kilograms per week. It is worth staying away from systems or methods that cause rapid weight loss. Or it comes out in large quantities over a short period, It is indicated that this increases a person’s chance of developing gallstones.

  • Pregnancy problems:

Obesity is a major cause of health problems and complications during pregnancy. Of which we mention the following:

  1. Pregnancy diabetes.
  2. Pre-eclampsia or pre-eclampsia; This is a condition of high blood pressure during pregnancy. It is noteworthy that it may have a negative impact on the pregnant woman and the fetus.
  3. The need for caesarean section at birth.
  • Degenerative arthritis:

Obesity increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis. whose symptoms appear in the form of pain and swelling in the affected joint, and limited movement, This is due to the fact that obesity increases the pressure on the joints and bones.

  • Sleep apnea:

Obesity increases the risk of sleep apnea. It is a condition in which breathing stops momentarily during sleep. Obesity causes the airways to shrink and hinders their expansion due to the presence of large amounts of fat stored around the neck. Which results in difficulty breathing during sleep and possibly the appearance of snoring.

  • Depression :

Often, People with obesity are subjected to bullying and discrimination based on their weight difference. Which may lead, over time, to feelings of sadness or loss of self-confidence.

  • Digestive problems:

Obesity increases the chance of developing diseases and disorders of the digestive system. such as heartburn, Or as mentioned previously, liver disease, And gallbladder problems.

Services provided by the Real Beauty Clinic family to its customers outside Turkey in the field of obesity treatment and plastic surgery:

1- Round-trip transportation service from the airport and to the airport: After confirming the reservation from the patient, a car is sent to the airport and the patient is taken to the hotel, and then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for comprehensive analyzes before the operation. And then from the hospital to the hotel.

Then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for the operation after the operation, the patient is delivered from the hospital to the hotel. Then we drop the patient off from the hotel to the airport.

2- Comprehensive analyzes before and after the operation: Before the operation, comprehensive examinations of the body are conducted to ensure the patient’s health and full qualification for the operation.

After the operation, comprehensive examinations are conducted for the patient before his discharge from the hospital to ensure his full health.

3- Hotel service: The Real Beauty Clinic family offers two nights in the hotel to its customers outside Turkey, and the cost of these two nights is included in the cost of the process paid.

4- Facilities inside the hospital: An interpreter fluent in Arabic and Turkish is sent to the hospital to stay with customers and secure all their needs and requirements inside the hospital.

For more details, please contact the consultant directly via WhatsApp, click on the link below:


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