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Gastric banding

Many people resort to gastric band surgery in Turkey in order to lose excess weight .

Given that obesity treatment in Turkey has witnessed widespread prosperity recently.

So what is the stomach surgery?

Laparoscopic gastric surgery.

The doctor places a ring filled with saline solution around the upper part of the stomach. So this ring controls the amount of food, The patient feels full in a short time.

The salt solution also determines the speed of food movement towards the lower part of the stomach and reduces it .

Cases in which the doctor recommends gastric banding :

Gastric banding is the last resort that the doctor resorts to if other methods are not successful in losing weight. There are certain cases that require gastric banding, It is as follows :

  • The patient’s BMI is above 40 kg/ m2 , and BMI is defined as weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.
  • The patient’s body mass index is above 35 kg / m2 with the presence of other diseases such as : sleep apnea syndrome , type 2 diabetes , High blood pressure , and heart disease .

Disadvantages of gastric banding:

Gastric banding has several disadvantages: Among them are the following:

  • Weight loss is less than other weight loss operations such as gastric bypass and gastric bypass .
  • Possibility of gaining weight after the operation.
  • risks during anesthesia, Such as: blood clots , bleeding, or microbial infection.
  • The ring is moved from its place, and if this happens, the operation is repeated again.
  • Heartburn or stomach ulcer.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Vomiting after the operation is greater than other weight loss operations .

Advantages of gastric banding:

There are many benefits of gastric banding , such as:

  • Gastric banding is the safest weight loss procedure and has the least side effects.
  • A small incision is made in the abdomen, Which reduces the period of stay in the hospital and recovers quickly.
  • It is not permanent and can be removed at any time the patient wants.
  • The process does not affect the digestion and absorption of food. The patient does not experience any deficiency in any of the vitamins and minerals.
  • The possibility of controlling the ring according to the patient’s weight by reducing or increasing the speed of food crossing the lower part of the stomach .
  • Lose weight gradually, Which helps the patient to carry out his life and activities comfortably.
  • Weight loss helps reduce the complications of some diseases , such as : type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, And heart disease .

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