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Fasting after gastric sleeve surgery

Fasting after gastric sleeve surgery

Fasting is an opportunity to get rid of bad eating habits for those who suffer from obesity, and it is also for those who have undergone obesity surgery, but the small size of the stomach and the short time for breakfast may hinder obtaining the necessary nutrients for the body. Therefore, we will now explain how to fast for those who have undergone operations. Obesity treatment .

  1. Stomach after gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery Usually you cannot accept large amounts of food or drink at once or quickly. Especially in the first months after the operation (taking into account that there is a difference between one person and another, One stomach may accept a larger quantity than another due to its different anatomical and motor nature.
  2. A person needs to drink about 2 liters of fluid per day. A patient who has undergone gastric sleeve surgery may have difficulty drinking this amount in the period from dusk to dawn. Not drinking enough fluids for the body leads to dehydration, vein clots, and the formation of kidney and gallstones.
  3. The presence of stomach acid directly on the stomach wall for a long period of time during fasting leads to stomach contraction. Therefore, we must begin breakfast by drinking a warm drink in order to relax the stomach. You must also take medicine for acidity ( Pantaloc 40 ) after sunset and before dawn, especially during fasting in the first year after obesity surgery. .
  4. Increased risk of dumping syndrome, especially for those who have had a bypass operation, which is a feeling of rapid heartbeat, tremors, dizziness, and body tremors that usually occurs when eating sweets, fried and fatty foods.

When can I fast after gastric sleeve surgery?

  • It is possible to fast two weeks after the operation, provided that you drink at least 2 liters of fluid in the period from sunset to dawn and that the color of the urine is light yellow and not dark.
  • If you are unable to drink 2 liters of fluid per day, we do not recommend fasting at all.

Fasting after gastric sleeve surgery

Fasting after gastric sleeve surgery

What is the fasting eating regimen after gastric sleeve surgery ?

  • Start breakfast by taking a Pentaloc 40 or Nexium 40 tablet, then a warm drink (syrup, skim milk with 3 dates).
  • Eat a small meal half an hour after sunset.
  • Eat another meal between sunset and dawn.
  • Delaying suhoor until before dawn
  • Take Pentaloc 40 or Nexium 40 tablet before dawn.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of fluid between sunset and dawn.
  • Avoid soft drinks.
  • Reduce your intake of sweets and fatty foods.
  • Vitamins can be taken two hours after breakfast.


After the gastric sleeve or bypass procedure, is it possible to exercise during the month of Ramadan?

Yes, it is possible, but on the condition that you do not stress. The most appropriate time to exercise is two hours after breakfast, and we never recommend exercising before breakfast in order to avoid dehydration. We also recommend exercising and not straining our bodies during this month.

Calories in the most important Ramadan foods:

  1. One balha date = 25 calories
  2. A cup of yogurt = 100 calories .
  3. 4 tablespoons of beans + a tablespoon of oil = 250 calories .
  4. A small piece of kunafa = 450 calories .
    Cucumber and watermelon, for example, contain… Very low calories .

To read our article about gastric sleeve surgery:

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