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Do implanted teeth get decay?

The term decay is a popular term named after the decay of planted trees .

Tooth decay is a bacteria whose food is not eating teeth as some believe, but these bacteria feed by eating or absorbing sugars that attach to the upper layer of the teeth, which enter the mouth through some foods and some drinks .

These bacteria also feed on starches stuck in the teeth. Such as starches resulting from chewing rice, potatoes and foods that contain starches.

How is tooth decay done?

When bacteria absorb carbohydrates or sugars on the upper outer layer of the tooth, these bacteria secrete acids to break down starches and sugars and then absorb them.

These citrus fruits lead to the removal of organic matter from the tooth, the most important of which is calcium, whose deficiency leads to weakness in the teeth, which accelerates the process of tooth decomposition.

Do dental implants get decay?

The dental implants are made up of synthetic materials, not organic, where titanium is included in the implanted tooth composition, which is one of the most important materials from which the implanted tooth is made.

As for the link that connects the crown of the tooth or the top of the tooth and the implant in the bone area, this link is a link made of stalestel, which is also classified as inorganic materials.

As for the artificial structure of the crown, which resembles a tooth, the crown is made of an inorganic material also called silicon.

We conclude that:

Fixed implants or mobile implants are not affected by the acids secreted by these bacteria, which are called mites or decay , thanks to their industrial composition composed of inorganic materials.

The bottom line:

We conclude from the previous explanation how the tooth is decomposed and what are the factors that increase the risk of eating the natural tooth, which is not washing the teeth once or twice a day as a minimum in order to maintain their cleanliness continuously from starch deposits and sugars, which do not decompose with the saliva inside the mouth.

As for the decay of implants, which are divided into three sections, which are

The root or whey as it was called and made of platinum

And the connecting piece between the root and the crown and is made of stallistel.

The last section is the crown , which is similar to the tooth in shape, dimension and size and made of xylcon.

They are not affected by acids secreted by bacteria to absorb starches and sugars deposited on the implanted tooth.

But even if the implanted tooth is not affected by citrus fruits secreted by bacteria , we must take care of it and wash it on a daily basis once in the morning and once in the evening as a minimum.


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