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Cosmetic electrode

Cosmetic electrode

Most small wounds heal without stitches .

But for better healing, the two ends of the wound must be connected to each other.

The stitches maintain this connection and nothing more. It is possible to obtain an optimal healing result without resorting to the stitches, just by using medical adhesives to connect the two ends of the wound together. If the wound is stitched by an inexperienced person, the final scar may be worse than if the wound was left as is.

The medical staff in some hospitals offers “ cosmetic sutures ,” especially for facial wounds . This presentation leaves the impression that cosmetic sutures are different from regular sutures and leave a less bad scar.

It is normal to see stitch marks on wound scars. Sometimes it can be so ugly that a person thinks it would be better not to stitch the wounds . surgical electrode needle, Surgical instruments (especially forceps) and the electrode material itself, All of them can cause pain at both ends of the wound and unpleasant scarring if not used properly.

Cosmetic electrode

The result:

Every wound will leave a scar, But treating the wound professionally will leave the smallest scar possible. Cosmetic electrodes are not a specific tool but rather a method, It is not always achieved with just materials and tools. It also requires professional treatment and specific techniques . Plastic reconstructive surgeons are usually the ones who have the best knowledge and skill required in this field.

Therefore, if you have a wound on your face or a visible area of ​​skin, So look for a plastic surgery and plastic reconstructive doctor, not plastic stitches .

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