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Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth are those small bony structures protruding from both jaws in the mouth, with their lower part embedded in pockets under the gums. Teeth vary between incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Each of these forms has its importance. Teeth in general are of great importance to humans despite their small size. It works to cut, chew, and crush food to facilitate its digestion in the intestines. It also has an important role in communicating with others and talking to them, as it constitutes an outlet for many letters and thus pronouncing words correctly. It is what gives the face its beautiful shape. Teeth are the secret of a beautiful smile that catches attention.

Dental cosmetic methods:

Many people dream of that beautiful smile represented by bright, white, aligned and symmetrical teeth. healthy pink gums, The more the teeth are in harmony with each other and the gums, the more beautiful the mouth becomes, and the lips become more in harmony with each other and with the face. This is what gives the Hollywood smile that everyone aspires to have. Which made many people turn to beautifying their teeth. However, some of them believe that cosmetic dentistry is limited only to visible braces, which is considered annoying by many. But this belief is wrong, The field of cosmetic dentistry has developed greatly. Today, many methods have emerged that are used to beautify teeth, Which gave amazing results, Without having side effects or any harm

The most prominent of these methods are:

Contact lenses, also known as Lumens, are very precise layers made of ceramic. It is manufactured using a special device in the laboratory. Its benefit lies in that it causes a significant change in the color and shape of the teeth. In addition, it works to close the gaps between the teeth. It is characterized by the possibility of working without the need to file the teeth. It also does not cause pain to the patient, so there is no need to anesthetize the patient during any of the stages of the operation. These lenses are not susceptible to discoloration over time as they are made of ceramic.
Veneer: It is a veneer made of porcelain (ceramic) with a thickness of approximately 0.5 mm. It is placed on the visible surfaces of the teeth until they change color and become white. And cases that require veneer work

The cases that require dental veneers are:

1- Dark teeth that cannot respond to bleaching.

2- Broken teeth due to decay, exposure to a specific accident, or other reasons.

3-The presence of spaces between the teeth.

4- The presence of crowding in the teeth.

Veneers are characterized by making the teeth more beautiful and harmonious with each other. It also gives the teeth the bright white color that everyone wants to have. The gums also adapt well to this crust. It is also considered a preservative for tooth enamel. It does not stain or change color over time. It does not need whitening in the future, but it does need continuous cleaning and care.

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