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Can the implanted tooth be extracted after implantation?

One of the many reasons why people who have lost their teeth choose dental implants is that they are an alternative and permanent option. Although they can be removed.

Understanding more about how dental implants work is very helpful when it comes to choosing a dental replacement option.

The entire implant placement process may take several months to complete. Which means you need to make sure that this is the right replacement option for you.

Removal of dental implants

Do you want to know how dental implants are removed after being surgically placed in the mouth?

If the dental implant is not already integrated with the jawbone, The removal process will be much simpler compared to removing a dental implant that has already been integrated into the jawbone.

The patient will need to be placed under anesthesia so that the dental professional can remove the crown, brace and then the actual implant itself.

Can dental implants be removed?

Yes It is possible to remove dental implants from the patient’s mouth, Although it is considered a permanent dental alternative option. The list below includes three reasons that may be necessary to remove dental implants.

To change positioning:

In some cases it is necessary for the dental professional to remove the implant when it is not in proper alignment. Because it is necessary that each tooth is properly aligned, This makes us get the right dishes.

This type of procedure is also called corrective implant surgery. It corrects the position of the implant that is out of alignment.

early transplant failure

Early implant failure means that the implant is not properly attached to the jawbone.

This can be due to some kind of infection or because the patient’s body refused to implant, It is also known as host rejection.

when the patient has an early implant failure, It tends to occur during the first two to three months after placement.

It can be difficult for a dental professional to know even after the implant is removed whether the early failure is caused by an infection or if the implant does not fully integrate with the jawbone.

Delayed transplant failure

Late implant failure means that the implant has failed despite being in the patient’s mouth for more than a year.

Similar to early implant failure, Late implant failure can also be due to stomatitis or because the implant has not fully attached to the jawbone.

The second additional reason is that there is too much force that is put on the implant, This makes them so loose that they may need to be completely removed from the mouth.

when dental implants fail, It is necessary to remove them – and possibly replace them – before more serious problems arise. The affected area is repaired as soon as the implants are removed. If there is still enough healthy bone tissue, A new dental implant can be installed.

The bottom line

It is very rare for dental implants to lead to complications, But there is a possibility. Most dental implant implant installations are successful and fast when the procedure is performed by a skilled oral surgeon. Another factor that can affect the successful use of dental implants is the positioning of the device and the health of the patient’s bone tissue.

The availability of sufficient experience among the specialists who will perform the dental implant process is very important and avoids the patient many problems later, including extraction of the implanted tooth.

The initial consultation appointment is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about transplants. Our dental specialist has years of experience in the field of Dental implants in Istanbul.

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