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Body sculpting methods

Body sculpting methods:

Low level laser body sculpting:

This technology is also known as cold laser. Its famous trade name is “Zerona”. It is a completely non-surgical procedure. It uses low-energy laser beams to break down body fat. Fat begins to leave the body over the weeks following the session.

Body sculpting with Vaser:

Vaser body sculpting is also considered a non-surgical technique. It uses high-frequency sound waves to break up fat cells during local sessions. In these sessions, the device is placed on the areas to be slimmed so that the waves reach the deep fat and break it up so that it leaves the body in the period following the completion of the session.

Infrared body sculpting:

This technology works in two ways, The first is similar to the way lasers and sound waves work, which is to break down fat. The second method works to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to allow the removal of fat from the body. As well as removing toxins with it, Reducing cellulite under the skin, Like other operations, its results begin to appear gradually after the session.

Massage technique:

Massage techniques such as “Derma Roller” and others aim to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in a way that allows the body to burn stubborn fat. These techniques primarily target skin tightening and getting rid of cellulite. And the results are slow, You need to keep it up for a long time to start showing up.


Mesotherapy technique:

The “Mesotherapy” technique relies on injecting some substances directly under the skin to achieve cosmetic results. The substances that are injected when using mesotherapy for weight loss differ from the substances that are injected when used to tighten wrinkles, for example. Some vitamins are often injected, In addition to some enzymes that help break down fats, Results begin to appear gradually after the first session. However, it may require repeated injection sessions to achieve the desired results.



This technology depends on helping the body burn local fat and get rid of it through cooling technology. Body sculpting is performed without surgery, as it is a local technique and does not require the use of any needles or any surgical incision. But it may require some local anesthesia.

Body sculpting process:

4D body sculpting
It is a technique that uses high-precision and specific laser beams to get rid of fat and sculpt the shape of the body’s muscles in both motion and rest states. It is a surgical technique that requires inserting a cannula through a surgical incision approximately ½ cm long. This technology is highly advanced and usually gives impressive results. It is considered one of the most advanced types of operations in the field of body sculpting.

It aims to sculpt the shape of the body’s muscles in both states of movement and rest. It removes the finest layers of fat mixed with muscles. Its results give the body a smooth shape. It includes skin tightening. You only need one treatment session, which lasts between two and six hours. The patient is then discharged to undergo a recovery period not exceeding 14 days, after which he returns to his normal life.

Services provided by the Real Beauty Clinic family to its customers outside Turkey in the field of obesity treatment and plastic surgery:

1- Round-trip transportation service from the airport and to the airport: After confirming the reservation from the patient, a car is sent to the airport and the patient is taken to the hotel, and then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for comprehensive analyzes before the operation. And then from the hospital to the hotel.

Then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for the operation after the operation, the patient is delivered from the hospital to the hotel. Then we drop the patient off from the hotel to the airport.

2- Comprehensive analyzes before and after the operation: Before the operation, comprehensive examinations of the body are conducted to ensure the patient’s health and full qualification for the operation.

After the operation, comprehensive examinations are conducted for the patient before his discharge from the hospital to ensure his full health.

3- Hotel service: The Real Beauty Clinic family offers two nights in the hotel to its customers outside Turkey, and the cost of these two nights is included in the cost of the process paid.

4- Facilities inside the hospital: An interpreter fluent in Arabic and Turkish is sent to the hospital to stay with customers and secure all their needs and requirements inside the hospital.

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