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Body contouring after childbirth

Body sculpting after childbirth:

After childbirth, a woman can undergo a body

contouring procedure, but there are conditions to do so.

  • Not to be in the period of lactation.

  • You have lost part of the weight you gained during pregnancy and childbirth.

  • And not to be planning to get pregnant soon within two years.

Configure liposuction sculpting operations by sculpting or liposuction and tightening the skin in cases of sagging skin.

Often sculpting is to highlight the details of the body and the contours of the body with an attractive appearance and maintain the appearance that gives a feminine and delicate impression to the woman.

Candidates for liposuction and body contouring:

  1. Women who have finished pregnancy and childbirth and are satisfied with children and have no intention of conceiving in short and close periods.

  2. Many doctors also advise that women wishing to perform body

    sculpting stop pregnancy for a period of at least two years after body sculpting.

  3. Doctors usually refuse operations for people who have not lost the weight they gained from birth, which is estimated at 30 kilograms as excess body weight.

Postpartum cosmetic procedures include:

Body sculpting surgery:

It is a body sculpting (tummy tuck) that improves the appearance of the abdomen in women by removing excess skin and getting rid of accumulated fat In the abdominal area, liposuction can also be performed if there is excess fat in the woman that needs to be treated, which has not been eliminated by the traditional taq that the pound performs.

As for the sagging of pregnancy, it can be removed in the operating room directly in the event that the birth is a caesarean section, it is a tightening of sagging after the doctor finishes the birth process and the fetus is removed from the abdomen, and it is usually a complementary procedure to the caesarean section.

Liposuction in Istanbul

Abdominoplasty after cesarean section is in fact a stage of the birth process itself in women. As the doctor who specializes in surgery after removing the fetus sews the uterine opening and several layers of the abdominal wall in the woman, But before the wound is completely closed, the doctor intervenes at that stage and performs an expansion. The caesarean section and through it works to bring the segments of the abdominal muscles closer and return them to the first position they were in before pregnancy in women.

In the first days after the operation, there will be pain in the woman that can be controlled by taking some painkillers, Depending on the size of the operation, it is possible to go home hours after the operation or stay in the hospital for a day, and there will be other instructions from the specialist doctor on how to care for the wound, the number of spare times, and instructions on bathing the patient, They must be strictly followed to keep yourself safe.

After seven days, the patient’s superficial stitches can be removed. A compression corset can then be used for the abdomen.


Liposuction is not a substitute for losing weight in the mirror, however, It is effective in removing stubborn fat that cannot be easily eliminated even permanently.

Liposuction takes from one to two hours, depending on the area from which the patient is liposuction, The surgeon may be accompanied by bruising and pain, which decreases over time and there is no need to worry.

The patient can return to work after a week of the operation, with a commitment to wear compression clothes for up to 6 weeks, and all areas of the patient are sculpted through liposuction from the thighs.

Liposuction in Turkey

Places of fat accumulation in women:

Fat accumulates in women in the thigh area in women more than in men, Of course, the accumulation of fat increases in women over time, so it must be removed before increasing it more, and when fat accumulates in the buttocks in women, it will be necessary to remove this fat by performing the suction process, And liposuction from the abdomen because of course the protrusion of the abdomen hinders women as it hinders men from reaching a tight abdomen and prominent abdominal muscles Abdominal fat covers the muscles and prevents their appearance.

Side effects of the operation:

It is normal for some bruises to occur when the patient at the site of the operation, and these bruises remain for a period ranging from a week to ten days and then disappear permanently, Swelling and swelling occur in the operation area in the patient and gradually increases to reach the largest size on the third or fourth day after the operation and then gradually disappears within six weeks of the operation. Some patients may also notice paresthesia and burning sensation in the skin during different periods of the operation, However, it disappears spontaneously after four to eight weeks of the operation, and it is very important to wear the corset continuously for 4 weeks after the operation, and then 12 hours a day are sufficient for two weeks to prevent sagging or zigzags in the skin in women.

Breast surgeries:

Breast augmentation in Turkey.

Women lose the size and shape of the breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding, which results in sagging breasts, which makes women lose confidence in themselves and feel frustrated, hence the role of breast surgery in restoring the shape of the breast and lifting the breast, And get rid of sagging and can do the process of breast augmentation in the mirror and tighten the sagging breast at the same time in order to get the best appearance of the breast.

Breast liposuction

Side effects of breast surgery:

It is normal for some bruises, swelling and pain to occur or appear in the breasts for two to three days after the operation that it disappears spontaneously in most cases in women, This may cause inflammation, but if the patient follows the correct treatment and adheres to the doctor’s instructions that are given to the patient after the operation and before going out for walks, she will inevitably avoid any damage that may be caused to her during the recovery and recovery period.

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