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4 massage exercises after rhinoplasty

Massage exercises after rhinoplasty

Massage exercises after rhinoplasty

Nose exercises , also known as Digital exercises refer to post-operative instructions that include massaging the nasal bones after Rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty. Nasal exercises will only be recommended in nasal patients who have fractured their nasal bones during the restructuring procedure. This is also referred to as an osteotomy when a bone is repositioned The nose is narrow or narrow, or both. It is usually done after correcting a large nasal crooked deformity and in cases where the nose is crooked. A bone fracture is often performed simply to narrow a wide nose during rhinoplasty. This is what you should know about Nose exercises after plastic surgery if you decide to have a similar operation .


Because the nose is one of the most important parts of the face, it shows the person’s beauty and elegance.
Rhinoplasty has become one of the most important operations that people resort to to improve the appearance and shape of the nose in order to highlight the features of beauty.
In the face more clearly.


It is a plastic surgery procedure to modify and reconstruct the nose
There are two types of plastic surgery used:

  1. Reconstructive surgery: which restores the shape and functions of the nose.
  2. Plastic surgery: which changes the appearance of the nose.

Rhinoplasty seeks to:

Solve injuries caused by various shocks, penetrating shock and shock resulting from explosion injury. Reconstructive surgery also treats birth defects, breathing problems, and previous failed rhinoplasty operations.

Massage exercises after rhinoplasty

How to perform massage exercises after rhinoplasty:

Nasal exercises are done to help more Define the nose During recovery from rhinoplasty . If the nasal bone is reshaped as part of a proper rhinoplasty procedure, Then a nasal brace is placed to keep the bones in their new location . The nasal stent is usually removed within 5-6 days . In most cases, The nasal bones are in a fairly good position in their new place . However, Because the bones were completely cut and transported, They are still mobile within 5-6 days of surgery . Once the stent is removed, The nasal bones have the ability to move or deviate out of the desired position . If this is done, The nose will usually move towards returning to its original position . This movement or deviation can occur at any time after the stent is removed, approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery . This period is limited to approximately 6-8 weeks Specifically because this is the average time it takes before the nasal bone fuses and heals in its new position .

Benefits of doing massage exercises after rhinoplasty

The great benefit of doing nasal exercises after rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty is that we can improve the surgical results and achieve the best possible surgical results .

We also tell our patients all the time that nose reshaping is a collaborative effort between the facial plastic surgeon and the patient .

We can perform the best rhinoplasty while the patient is in the operating room. But there are many variables that must be accounted for after surgery .

Nasal bone sliding after rhinoplasty is a prime example of this .

By performing nasal exercises at the right time with proper technique, We can make sure that we make every effort to achieve as much symmetry as possible on both sides of the nose .

in addition to, We can increase your chances of getting narrow nasal bones as required after rhinoplasty .

Services provided by the Real Beauty family

1- Transportation service back and forth from the airport and to the airport: After confirming the patient’s reservation, a car is sent to the airport and the patient is taken to the hotel, and then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital to conduct comprehensive analyzes before the operation. And then from the hospital to the hotel.

Then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for the operation after the operation, the patient is delivered from the hospital to the hotel. Then we drop the patient off from the hotel to the airport.

2- Comprehensive analyzes before and after the operation: Before the operation, comprehensive examinations of the body are conducted to ensure the patient’s health and full qualification for the operation.

After the operation, comprehensive examinations are conducted for the patient before his discharge from the hospital to ensure his full health.

3- Hotel service: The Real Beauty Clinic family offers two nights in the hotel to its customers outside Turkey, and the cost of these two nights is included in the cost of the process paid.

4- Facilities inside the hospital: An interpreter fluent in Arabic and Turkish is sent to the hospital to stay with customers and secure all their needs and requirements inside the hospital.

For more details, please contact the consultant directly via WhatsApp, click on the link below:


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