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3 degrees of obesity


In its general sense, the body’s exposure to excess of its normal range, which often

What occurs as a natural result of fat accumulation after eating more diets that contain large calories, It is difficult for the body to burn them, so they are stored in certain areas of the body in the form of fat.


  1. resulting from the increase in fat in the individual and often appears in young children.

  2. resulting from an increase in the size of fat cells and that type appears in young and old.

  3. Temporary, where many different age groups are exposed to this type, which is very common and can become chronic if not responded to immediately.


It consists of three degrees, which are the degrees recognized by obesity doctors in Turkey.

  • First Class:


Which indicates an increase in body weight by about 20% of its ideal weight.

Degrees of obesity
  • Second Degree:


Which means that the weight exceeds its normal range by 20% and up to 40% of the ideal body weight.

Degrees of obesity
  • Third Degree:


Which means an increase in body weight more than 40% of the ideal weight.

Degrees of obesity

It is worth noting that weight gain in its first stages does not have any pathological symptoms, But if the problem is not solved, it can cause many serious diseases

What are the treatment methods for excess weight?

The methods of treating excess weight are diverse, and each of them has a distinct role in the treatment of excess weight, as doctors recommend treating excess weight in Turkey to perform a mini gastric bypass for patients who suffer from:

  • Excessive pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Excessive excess weight

  • Addiction to eating sweets

  • Addiction to drinking soft drinks

  • Joint pain

  • Obesity apnea.

Mini gastric bypass surgery is one of the most important obesity treatment operations in Turkey, which helped many patients get rid of obesity first and get rid of diabetes gradually and permanently after the operation.

For inquiries about obesity operations:


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