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3 Benefits of blood thinning needles after sleeve gastrectomy

Hemothinizing needles

3 Benefits of blood thinning needles after sleeve gastrectomy

Blood-thinning needles are medications used to reduce blood clotting and make it smoother. These drugs are used in the treatment of conditions in which the risk of blood clots increases, Such as heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases.

Blood-thinning needles work by inhibiting the action of certain factors that play a role in the blood clotting process, Such as platelets and coagulation proteins. So, These medications help keep blood flowing smoothly and reduce the risk of blood clots forming.

Blood-thinning needles should be used by prescription and under the supervision of a specialist, The appropriate dosage is determined according to the patient’s condition and other health factors. Before using these medicines, Any other medications the patient is taking and any previous health conditions that may have an impact on blood clotting should be reported to the doctor.

It is worth noting that the use of blood-thinning needles requires regular monitoring of the level of blood clotting, The dose may be adjusted according to blood tests and ongoing medical evaluation. This helps in achieving the perfect balance between reducing the risk of thrombosis and avoiding any unwanted bleeding complications.

The task of adhering to the instructions of the treating physician and not exceeding the prescribed doses, and report any side effects immediately, periodic monitoring, Contribute to ensuring the safe and effective use of blood-thinning needles in treatment.

3 Benefits of blood thinning needles after sleeve gastrectomy

1. Reduce the risk of blood clots: After sleeve gastrectomy, The risk of blood clots increases due to factors such as dietary restriction, weight changes and limited mobility. Blood thinning needles contribute to reducing this risk by inhibiting blood clotting and improving its smooth flow.

2. Prevention of serious blood clots: Serious blood clots such as pulmonary embolism and strokes can be the result of changes in blood clotting after sleeve gastrectomy. The use of blood-thinning needles can protect the patient from these serious complications.

3. Improve blood circulation: After sleeve gastrectomy, Blood flow and circulation can be affected as a result of structural changes in the gastrointestinal tract. Blood thinner improves blood flow and homogeneity, Which enhances oxygenation and nourishment of various tissues in the body.

It is important to know that the use of blood-thinning needles is carried out according to the recommendations and evaluation of the attending physician. The patient must adhere to the specified dose and carefully follow medical directions. You may also need regular blood tests to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and monitor for any side effects.

What are the ages that need to use pleasant blood needles?

The use of blood-thinning needles depends on several factors, Including the patient’s condition, other health problems, and other medications he is taking. The use of blood-thinning needles is usually recommended in cases where the risk of blood clots is high.

Although there is no specific age for the use of blood thin needles, However, each case is evaluated individually. It can be used in people with health conditions that have a high risk of blood clots. Such as cardiovascular diseases, strokes, platelet aggregations and major surgery.

The appropriate use of blood thinning needles and their necessary dosage must be decided at the discretion of the attending physician, This is based on the patient’s health history and other associated health factors. therefore You should consult your doctor for accurate information and personal guidance on the use of blood thinning needles and their possible use in your specific health condition.

Some types of famous blood-thinning needles in Turkey include:

1. Heparin: It is a blood-thinning needle that works by inhibiting the action of platelets and inhibiting blood clotting. used in many cases that require regulation of blood clotting, Such as cardiovascular diseases, venous thrombosis and platelet aggregations.

2. Warfarin: It is a blood-thinning needle that works by inhibiting the action of vitamin K and its effects in the clotting process. Used in many conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, coronary heart disease, and heart surgeries.

3. Dabigatran: It is a blood-thinning needle that works by inhibiting coagulation factor Xa. Used in the prevention of thrombosis, treatment of venous thromboembolism and blood accumulations in deep veins.

It is important to know that the use of any type of blood thinning needles requires a prescription and consultation of a specialist. You should follow medical directions carefully and be wary of any possible side effects.

Types of bariatric surgery

There are several types of bariatric surgery known as bariatric surgery and include:

1. Sleeve Gastrectomy: In the process, A large part of the stomach is removed to reduce its size and reduce appetite. The stomach is transformed into a thin tube, Which contributes to reducing the amount of food that can be assimilated and thus losing weight.

2. Gastric bypass : This operation involves bypassing part of the stomach and connecting the small intestine with a small part of the stomach. The size of the stomach is reduced and the absorption of nutrients in the intestine is reduced, Which leads to weight loss.

3. Sleeve gastrectomy with intestinal diversion (biliopancreatic diversion with Duodenal Switch): This operation combines sleeve gastrectomy and the transformation of part of the small intestine. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach and changes the course of the intestine to achieve greater weight loss.

These actions differ in the way they affect a person’s body and the digestion of food. The patient should consult a specialist to assess the state of health and determine the most appropriate procedure for him.

Who is this process for??

This process is recommended by:

1- Diabetics

2- Heart patients

3- Hypertensive patients

4- People who suffer from excessive intake of sweets

5- People who suffer from genetic obesity.

Services provided by the Real Beauty Clinic family to its customers outside Turkey:

1- Round-trip transportation service from the airport and to the airport: After confirming the reservation from the patient, a car is sent to the airport and the patient is taken to the hotel, and then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for comprehensive analyzes before the operation. And then from the hospital to the hotel.

Then the patient is taken from the hotel to the hospital for the operation after the operation, the patient is delivered from the hospital to the hotel. Then we drop the patient off from the hotel to the airport.

2- Comprehensive analyzes before and after the operation: Before the operation, comprehensive examinations of the body are conducted to ensure the patient’s health and full qualification for the operation.

After the operation, comprehensive examinations are conducted for the patient before his discharge from the hospital to ensure his full health.

3- Hotel service: The Real Beauty Clinic family offers two nights in the hotel to its customers outside Turkey, and the cost of these two nights is included in the cost of the process paid.

4- Facilities inside the hospital: An interpreter fluent in Arabic and Turkish is sent to the hospital to stay with customers and secure all their needs and requirements inside the hospital.

For more details, please contact the consultant directly via WhatsApp, click on the link below:


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    3 Benefits of blood thinning needles after sleeve gastrectomy

    3 Benefits of blood thinning needles after sleeve gastrectomy. What ages do you need to use pleasant blood needles? Types of bariatric surgery. Who is this process for??

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